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Jan. 22/99
Reorganized the character section into seperate pages by class, in preparation to add more. Created custom nav buttons for the site, added them to the character pages.
Jan. 25/99
Reorganized the spell section along the same lines as the characters section, added the custom nav buttons to the rest of the site.
Jan. 28/99
Fixed the broken links in the fonts section. Repaired this page.
Mar. 15/99
Added Neridan to the Rogues section. Maybe I will get time to add more, but one never knows these days.
Aug. 24/99
Added Priest Spells for Priests of Krom to the spells section.
Aug. 28/99
Added Davron Halrinar to the Warriors section.
Aug. 29/99
Added Rorik to the Rogues section. Still need to add his history but his statsare up for now.


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