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Teldin Remsal
My favourite mage, maybe because despite his lack of any high scores he has become one of the most powerful mages I have had the opportunity to play, in his huge and versatile selection of spells, the allies he can call upon, and his political and economic power, Due to the fact that he holds a seat on the Cabal, he has a remarkable amount of political sway, even moreso because he has a knack for turning the worst situation to a good opportunity. He has even turned the myriad and powerful enemies he has acquired over the short time he has been a member of society in Kingsport to an advantage by at times distracting them from an allies goals and getting them to focus their efforts on him.

Recently he has decided to move on, finding that his enemies here have become too numerous. He knows that they will never stop pursuing him if he is alive so he has decided to die. He has used a scroll of Clone that he had in his possession and left the clone to grow in the care of his friends in a hidden locale, protected from scrying spells. The clone will have access to diaries to fill in the gaps in its memory, and though it will lose some of the most recent memories, it will have those gaps filled in by Teldin's friends knowledge of events. The true Teldin himself will end his life in an attack upon his most powerful foes among the Cabal, drawing them out so the archmage Cinder, Teldin's sometime benefactor, can slay them one by one.

Teldin does not see this as dying, but rather a form of immortality. With the aid of clone spells and contingencies he believes that he can achieve a sort of state of immortality, albeit flawed by some lost memories. Individual Teldins may die, but a new Teldin will always arise to go on. He just has to master a way to keep the loss of Constitution from affecting each successive generation of clones, as well, of course, raising his Intelligence in this lifetime so that he might master the power needed to use Clone himself rather than from scrolls.

As for the new clone.. he shall be heading out into the planes in the company of two friends that recently advetured with Teldin, who both came from the Outer Planes.

Class: Mage   Race: Human   
Level: 11   Alignment: Neutral Good

Strength: 13 Dexterity: 14 Constitution: 8
 Stamina: 13  Aim: 13  Health: 8
 Muscle: 13  Balance: 15  Fitness: 8
Intelligence: 14 Wisdom: 11 Charisma: 13
 Reason: 13  Intuition: 11  Leadership: 13
 Knowledge: 15  Willpower: 11  Appearance: 13

Armour Class: -1      Hit Points: 34

Special Abilities:
-Infravision 60 feet
-clauraudience 4 times (these are gone once used)
(* note these abilities are granted abilities that Teldin, and some of his adventuring companions gained as a boon from Ramat, god of the sun and wisdom, for aiding the gods avatar in winning himself free of a prison made for the avatar by Chemosh, lord of disease and poison.)
Mage Abilities: (this character was made using Player's Option: Skills and powers, and Player's option: Spells and Magic)
Spells and Magic rules - Spell Points: 200, Max. spells/level: 5, Max spell level: 5th
Standard Rules - 1st: 4, 2nd: 4, 3rd: 4, 4th: 3, 5th: 3
Traits/Disadvantages: Alertness, Precise Memory, Powerful enemy

Languages: common, elven, lizardman, trade

Nonweapon Proficiencies
Reading/Writing(common, elven, lizardman, trade) (13), Spellcraft (10), Swimming (9), ancient history(Orome) (8), Sage knowledge(runelore) (9), haggling (15), research (18), tactics of magic (13), diplomacy (11), herbalism (8)

Weapon proficiencies
dagger, staff

Age: 20      Height: 5'4"    Weight: 163 lbs.   Hair: brown    Eyes: red (they were originally grey but the gift of Ramat has changed their color)   
Notes: as a result of the gift of Ramat Teldin's skin is now bronze in color.

dagger +2, silver-shod quarterstaff, 4 silver daggers, 4 cold-iron daggers

Equipment note: see pouch of accessibility contents
leather covered wicker backpack (padded inside with blankets, can be latched from the inside, this is the shelter of Teldin's familiar, the raccoon Lomin), 2 boot dagger sheaths, 2 wrist dagger sheaths, 2 belt dagger sheaths, 2 underarm dagger sheaths, 1 back sheath, large belt pouch, 5 wooden stakes on a bandoleer

Magic Items
pouch of accessibility (protected by avoidance spell), ring of protection (+4 to AC, +2 to saves), bracers AC 4, wand of magic missiles (82 charges, protected by avoidance), silver-keys (these 5 keys enable the user to cast knock by tapping them to the portal in question, they have an unknown number of charges), helm of teleportation, ioun stone (pale lavender ellipsoid, will absorb up to 18 spell levels of 4th level or lower spells), ring of frost (acts as a wand of frost, 47 charges), bowl of commanding water elementals, scrolls (1 web, 1 cone of cold, 2 passwall, 1 volley), potion of grey ooze control, potion of black pudding control, potion of green slime control, potion of gelatinous cube control, potion of extra-healing, 1 jar of Keoughtum's ointment (4 doses left)

Special items:
Teldin is the host of a Blood Ring: this parasite is a foot long worm that resembles a metal armlet unless closely examined. The Blood Ring leeches small amounts of blood from Teldin to survive, 6 hp/day worth. It is a symbiotic rlationship though, Teldin is its voluntary host because it grants him some protection from magic, granting him 15% magic resistance through some chemical means.(it has 30% magic resistance). Due to the blood loss Teldin is aided by Drom's healing magics as well as those of a minor priest mong the staff of his manor. this seems like a high price to pay for a chance to resist magic, but with the number of wizards opposing Teldin he feels it is well worth it.

Teldin's familiar is Lomin, a raccoon that has benefited from Teldin casting Familiar Enhancement 1 & 2 spells upon him.
Armor Class: 5    Hit points: 14
Movement rate: 5    Intelligence: 9 (enhanced by the magic of the spells) thac0: 19     # Attacks: 1     Damage: 1d2
-unseen servant 1/day 3 turns + 1 turn/level
-speak with animals 2/day

Pouch of accessibility contents
13 travelling spellbooks
23 travelling spellbooks
33 travelling spellbooks
43 travelling spellbooks
52 travelling spellbooks
6small tent
7small block & tackle
82 50' silk ropes
9small basket - contains 5 iron spikes, grappling hook
10boar leg trap - attraction spell cast on the trigger plate, so it will litteraly leap a foot to grab the victim
1110 square yards of canvas - with attraction spell cast on it, to entangle foes
122 50' silk ropes - attraction cast on them, to entangle foes
13hooded lantern, 8 flasks of oil
1910 vials of holy water, 10 jars of healing salve (cures 1-3 hp per dose)
2010 sticks of chalk, small metal mirror, flint & steel, tinderbox
2114 days iron rations
22silver-keys, potion of extra healing, jar of keoughtum's ointment
23potions of ooze, pudding and slime control
25treasure - 25 cp, 21 sp, 56 gp, 20 pp
26treasure - 500 pp
27treasure - 500 pp
28treasure - 500 pp
29treasure - empty
30treasure - empty

Teldin's Manor     Teldin's Spellbooks
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