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Tarys Manseril's Spells

3rd level spells
4th level spells
5th level spells

3rd Level Spells

Tarys' Vanquishing Knight

Range:                 50 feet
Components:       V,S,M
Duration:             1 round per level
Casting Time:      3
Area of Effect:      special
Saving Throw:      none

      This spell conjures forth a knight mounted on a destrier to fight for, and protect the caster.
Armor Class: 2 (platemail, medium shield)    Hit Dice: 2 + 1 hp per caster level (example 5th level caster HD= 2+5)
thac0: 18    # attacks: 1    Damage: 1d8+1/3d6 (heavy lance) or 1d8/1d12 (long sword)
Special attacks: lance does double damage on a mounted charge
Size: M    Alignment: Neutral   Intelligence: average (8-10)   Morale: 13

   Destrier (heavy warhorse)
Armor Class: 4 (chain barding)    Hit Dice: 4+4
thac0: 15    # attacks: 3    Damage: 1d8 / 1d8 / 1d6 (hoof/hoof/bite)
Size: L    Alignment: Neutral    Intelligence: animal (1)    Morale: 8
     The material component for this spell is a link from a suit of platemail armor.

4th Level Spells

Tarys' Enchanted Armor
      (abjuration, enchantment)

Range:                 Touch
Components:       V,S,M
Duration:             1 Turn per level
Casting Time:      1 Turn
Area of Effect:      Armor touched
Saving Throw:      none

      This spell turns an ordinary suit of armor into a magical set of armor, increasing the protection such armor grants to the wearer. The armor adds +1 protection to the armor, and may be used on existing magical armor as long as the total combined protection is +3 or less. This spell can be used along with Enchant an Item and Permanency to create magical suits of armor, with this spell being cast once per desired "plus" of enchantment.

Tarys' Silver Guardian

Range:                 30 feet
Components:       V,S,M
Duration:             1 Round per level
Casting Time:      4
Area of Effect:      special
Saving Throw:      none

      This spell brings into being a helmed horror of the standard type, that fights for the caster loyally until it is destroyed or the spell duration ends and it vanishes.
      Helmed Horror
Armor Class: 2    Movement rate: 12, Fl 12(A), 6(C) if carrying caster   
Hit Dice: 11    Hit Points: 55    thac0: 12    # attacks: 1   
Damage: 1d8/1d12 (longsword) or 1d4 (fist)   Special Attacks: none
Special defenses: immune to enchantment/charm and illusion spells, magic missile heals (excess magic missile damage is reflected 100% back at the caster)
Size: M    Morale: 20 Intelligence: high (14)
     The material component of this spell is a tiny suit of silver plate armor, that has a value of 1000 gp, this component is not consumed by the casting of the spell however.

Tarys' Spell Armor

Range:                 0
Components:       V,S
Duration:             3 Rounds per level
Casting Time:      4
Area of Effect:      the Caster
Saving Throw:      none

      This spell creates a shimmering, translucent suit of full plate armor around the caster. This armor grants no physical protection from attacks. It does not grant the caster any sort of Armor Class bonus. It does, however, protect the caster from hostile magic. It prevents 3d4 spell levels of 1st to 3rd level spells from passing through to affect the caster. This includes innate abilities and effects from devices. Spells may still be cast out of the armor, and the armor has no actual physical presence so does not interfere with any armor or clothing the caster happens to be wearing.

5th Level Spells

Tarys' Call to Glory

Range:                 50 feet
Components:       V,S,M
Duration:             1 Turn
Casting Time:      5
Area of Effect:      special
Saving Throw:      none

      This spells summons 1d4 Einheriar (see planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix 1), fighters level 4, equipped with fieldplate armor and bastard swords. They fight with specialization.
Armor class: 2    Movement: 12    Hit Dice: 4d10   Hit Points: 40
thac0: 16    # attacks: 3/2 rounds    Damage: 2d4+2/2d8+2 (bastard sword, two hands)    Speed factor: 6
Magic resistance: 5%    Size: M    Morale: 13    Intelligence: average to high (8-14)    Alignment: Chaotic good
     The material component of this spell is a silver warhorn, of at least 100 gp value.

Tarys' Shining Knight
      (abjuration, alteration)

Range:                 0
Components:       V,S,M
Duration:             1 Turn plus 1 Round per level
Casting Time:      5
Area of Effect:      caster's armor
Saving Throw:      none

      This spell can only be cast if the caster is wearing armor of the plate category (platemail, half plate etc.). The armor takes on a silver sheen and becomes nonconductive while the spell is in effect, as well as acquiring several traits which can be of great aid. The plates of the armor become stronger, granting an additional +1 to Armor Class, and actually reducing the damage done by physical attacks. Blunt attacks do 2 less points of damage, and slashing attacks do 1 less. Piercing attacks, designed to find the holes in armor, are unaffected.
     The armor grants the caster a +3 bonus to saves versus heat/fire, lightning, acid (and other flesh corrosive substances), boiling liquids, and vapors. Also, the armor cannot be adhered to, whether it is by a mages spider climb spell, a web spell, a mimics psuedopod, a stirge, spider webs, or viscid blobs. The wearer can actually push through a web spell at triple the normal rate, and if below 13 strength, at 2 feet per round.
      The material component for this spell is a miniature suit of solid silver plate armor, valued at no less than 100 gp.

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