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Tarys Manseril

Class: Fighter/Mage   Race: Aasimar (see Planewalkers Guide)   
Level: 10/11   Kit: Planewalker Warrior   Faction: Believer of the Source (Godsmen) Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength: 17 Dexterity: 10 Constitution: 12
 Stamina: 17  Aim: 10  Health: 13
 Muscle: 17  Balance: 10  Fitness: 11
Intelligence: 17 Wisdom: 12 Charisma: 13
 Reason: 17  Intuition: 12  Leadership: 11
 Knowledge: 17  Willpower: 12  Appearance: 15

Armour Class: 0      Hit Points: 56

Racial Abilities:(Note some of these are not standard Aasimar racal abilities but appeared in a Planescape Skills and powers conversion that was printed in Dragon magazine)
-Infravision 60 feet -+1 vs surprise -Armor bonus +1 to AC while wearing metal armor
-1/2 Damage from fire and cold
-+2 to saves vs charm, domination, emotion, and fear based effects
-Once per day one of the following: alter self, comprehend languages, slow poison
Fighter Abilities:
-multiple weapon specializations
Mage Abilities: (this character was made using Player's Option: Skills and powers, and Player's option: Spells and Magic, and hence is able to have certain abilities like armor use at a price)
-Armored Wizard - may wear any armour and still be able to cast spells
-Supernatural Constraint.. due to her Eladrin heritage she takes double damage from cold iron, as well as being poisoned by exposure to it (save vs. poison or suffer 1 hp damage per round of exposure), wounds inflicted by cold iron require magic to heal, the festering of the wounds blocks natural healing.
-Extended duration on alteration spells (+1 increment per 2 levels)
-Spellcasting (is barred from casting necromantic spells)
Spells and Magic rules - Spell Points: 200, Max. spells/level: 5, Max spell level: 5th
Standard Rules - 1st: 4, 2nd: 4, 3rd: 4, 4th: 3, 5th: 3
Faction Notes:
-+2 to reactions from planar creatures -cannot be raised from the dead or ressurected, however is automatically reincarnated as a PC race.
Kit abilities:: weapons count as a higher plus for purposes of hitting creatures needing magic to hit
Kit Hindrances:

Traits/Disadvantages: Phobia: Spiders, Powerful enemy

Languages: common, elven, gnome, halfling, orc

Nonweapon Proficiencies
Planar Sense (7), Planar Survival (10), Reading/Writing(common, elven, gnome, halfling) (16), Riding, land based(horse) (10), Sage Knowledge(lower planar denizens) (10), Sage Knowledge(upper planar denizens) (10), Spellcraft (12), Swimming (13)

Weapon proficiencies
Swords broad group, armour proficiency(field plate), two handed style, missile style, longbow (specialized), bastard sword (mastery)

Height: 5'11"    Weight: 165 lbs.   Hair: blonde    Eyes: blue   Age:24
Notes: slender, elfin features, she has a tendency to literally sparkle when her emotions are high.

Bastard Sword +3 "Watcher" (alerts the bearer about impending attacks from rear and flanks mentally), dagger, longbow, 12 pile arrows, 12 sheaf arrows, 12 flight arrows, 4 sheaf arrows +1, 9 flight arrows +4

backpack, 50' silk rope, 2 flasks of oil, hooded lantern, flint and steel, 3 torches, whetstone, large sack, small beltpouch, 5 travelling spellbooks, 6 days rations

Magic Items
Bastard sword +3 "Watcher", field plate armour +1, ring of protection +2, Figurine of wondrous power: serpentine owl, 4 sheaf arrows +1, 9 flight arrows +4, ioun stone (blue sphere +1 to Intelligence), scrolls (1 protection from evil, 1 darkness 15' radius, 1 know alignment, 1 dispel magic, 1 fumble, 1 minor creation, 1 passwall, 1 repulsion, 1 prismatic sphere)

Tarys' Spellbook     Tarys' Unique Spells

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