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Class: Thief    Race: Human    Level: 5    Kit: burglar     Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength:12 Dexterity:18 Constitution:13
Intelligence:13 Wisdom:10 Charisma:14

Armour Class: 4       Hit Points: 22

Thief Abilities:
Backstab (+4 to hit, x3 damage)
Pick Pockets20
Open Locks50
Find Traps40
Move Silently50
Hide in Shadows50
Detect Noise40
Climb Walls95
Read Languages5
Kit Abilities (and disadvantages)
Bonus proficiencies: Looting, Alertness

Languages: common, elven, dragon

Nonweapon Proficiencies
Looting (wis/+1)Tumbling (dex/0)
Alertness (wis/+1)reading/writing (common) (int/+1)
Tightrope walking (dex/0)jumping (str/0)

Weapon proficiencies
longsword, dagger, shortbow

Age: 16      Height: 5'8"     Weight: 148 lbs.    Hair: brown    Eyes: green      Notes: wears simple peasant garb, under soft brown leather armor

5 daggers, folding shortbow, dagger of resource +3

backpack, 2 wrist sheaths, belt sheath, bandoleer of 3 dagger sheaths, 5 daggers, dagger of resource, quiver, 12 flight arrows, folding shortbow, large belt pouch, thieves picks, 2 suits leather armor (1 spare in pack), flint & steel, 5 torches, 50' silk rope, 10 days rations, 2 wineskins, 1 pot weaponblack

Magic Items
dagger of resource +3 (act as a dagger +3 but also has the following stashed in the hilt:
   1) set of lockpicks
   2) tool for removing stones from a horses hooves
   3) lens of detection (allows 100x magnification in areas within 1 foot, track as 5th level ranger)

cp: 6
sp: 32
gp: 20
pp: 2

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