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Qadi Rachid ibn Karim

Rachid ibn Karim is a fierce warrior of the Bedine peoples of the Anouroch desert in the Forgotten Realms setting. He has great skill for a warrior of his youthful age, but the Anouroch is a fierce land. He has honed his skills against creatures that many archmages of the Realms would run in fear from. And his reasons for fighting them were simply for survival, finding shelter for his people and himself from the freezing winds that blow across the Sword each winter, not for such lofty ideals as treasure that lure others into facing such creatures.

Rachid left the desert 4 years ago, hunting down the Zhentarim slavers that had taken his sister. This short, brutal mission was too late, his sister had already been sold. He tracked her as far as the huge city of Calimport, in the kingdom of Calimshan, before finding the trail untraceable. He has since resided in the kingdom of Calimshan trying to find any trace of his sister, warring with the various underworld figures that deal in the slave trade as he does so.

He has assembled a small band of like minded individuals,and taken to attacking the slave caravans from out of the desert, and freeing the slaves. Until he finds his sister he shall be a thorn in the side of all the slavers of Calimshan.

Class: Fighter   Race: Human   Level: 17   Kit: desert rider (Al-qadim arabian adventures)     Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength:14 Dexterity:11 Constitution:17
Intelligence:14 Wisdom:13 Charisma:11

Armour Class: -2      Hit Points: 111

Fighter Abilities:
Kit Abilities
-bonus proficiency: Riding Camel specialization (an improved version of the riding land-based proficiency, allowing greater feats of acrobatics while mounted)
-improved mount quality - any mount in the care of a desert rider for more than a week improves in health such that it improves one rank in quality (nags become normal, high spirited becomes charger, etc.), this effect only lasts one week after the mount leaves the care of a desert rider, hence they often gain a reputation as dishonest when they sell horses, as seemingly healthy horses get sick soon after being sold.

Languages: common, Alzhedo, Bedine

Nonweapon Proficiencies
Riding Camel specialization (Wis/+6), Riding horse specialization (Wis/+4), Reading/Writing(bedine. common) (Int/+2), Survival (desert) (Int/+5), Endurance (Con), Direction Sense (Wis/+1), Hunting (Wis/+2)

Weapon proficiencies
middle eastern swords group, scimitar (specialized), adarga, composite short bow, daggers & knives group, two weapon style (2, equal size)

Age: 26      Height: 6'1"    Weight: 176 lbs.   Hair: black    Eyes: black     Notes: tanned weather worn skin, short black hair, full beard

scimitar +4 of speed, jambiya, adarga of defense +3 (the shield grants defense as a small shield +3), composite shortbow, 10 flighht arrows +1, 10 flight arrows +2, 16 flight arrows

backpack, 2 belt sheaths (1 scimitar, 1 jambiya), quiver, large belt pouch, flint & steel, 5 torches, 50' silk rope, grappling hook, 14 days rations, 3 wineskins,

Magic Items
chain-lamellar armor +3, scimitar +4 of speed, Ring of fire resistance, adarga of defense +3, 10 flight arrows +1, 10 flight arrows +2

ep: 45
gp: 162
pp: 75
special: stashed in the desert in his hidden retreat is an amassed fortune of 19800 gp.

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