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Class: thief   Kit: swashbuckler   Level: 9th    Race: half-elf    Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength: 13 Dexterity: 18 Constitution: 10
Intelligence: 16 Wisdom: 9 Charisma: 16
Armour Class: 2       Hit Points: 48

Thief abilities
Pick Pockets: 60
Open Locks: 55
Find Traps: 35
Move silently: 90
Hide in Shadows: 90
Detect Noise: 35
Climb Walls: 95
Read Languages: 25

Backstab (x4 damage, +4 to hit) when attacking from surprise
Kit abilities:
Warrior thac0 with preferred weapon: rapier
Languages: common, elven

Nonweapon Proficiencies:

Information gathering (16), swimming (13), Observation (16), Ettiquette (16), Reading/writing (17) (Common), tumbling (16), gambling (16), tailing (16), seamanship (17)
Weapon Proficiencies
Fencing weapons tight group, two weapon style, shortbow, cutlass
Equipment: (carried when away from ship adventuring)
leather armor, leather belt w/ secret pockets for coins, backpack, large belt pouch, 50' silk rope, 2 wineskins, 7 days rations, silk shoes (+4% to Move Silently), gnomish cloak (+5% to Hide in Shadows), thieves picks, 50 caltrops, flint & steel, quiver, 24 flight arrows, 6 vials of aniseed, weighted dice, ordinary dice, marked cards, ordinary cards, hooded lantern, 5 flasks of oil
rapier w/basket hilt +1, main gauche +1, shortbow
Magic items:
rapier +1, main gauche +1, deck of illusions, ring of protection +2, potion of healing
Hgt: 5' 6" Wgt: 123 lbs. Hair: black Eyes: blue Age 26
Notes: average build, walks with a rolling gait from being aboard ship
Carried: on person
CP: 97
SP: 8
EP: 18
GP: 25
PP: 20
Carried on ship
EP: 7600
GP: 17600
PP: 1740
Special: 220 50 gp trade bars

Special Possession's:
a waterdhavian fast caravel (The Fool's Venture)
The Fool's Venture have a look at his ship and crew

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