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Teldin Remsal's Manor

   Teldin originally designed this large manor to be dwelled in not just by him, but also by the other members of his adventuring company. In fact the manor was paid for by the entire group, Teldin simply planned and organized its construction. However eventually Teldin was the only original member of the adventuring company to continue dwelling there. Gwen and Elmhurst settled in the keep overlooking the fields of lotus flower they dedicated their lives to preserving. Skaye was slain while adventuring, and Kara decided to resided in the swamp that was in her charge. Teldin was left alone in the huge manor with 24 servants, so he permitted any who adventured with the company that did not have anywhere else to stay to reside there, most notably Drom was in long term residance.

   The most notable feature of this manor is its central courtyard with heated pools, waterfalls, and lush gardens.. all roofed over by a glass pyramid, which came at an exhorbitant cost. This manor cost easily as much as many fortresses. An example is the system that generates the waterfall, which also flows through pipes to supply the kitchens with water. The water is generated by a Decanter of Endless Water, which the party acquired in its adventures, that has been embedded in the stonework making up the wall the waterfall flows down. The hot water pool is heated by a series of Coalstones that sit in the bottom of the pool, protected by a metal grating preventing bathers from accidently touching the rocks. The waste water flows through a series of pipes into the city sewers, and from there into the sea.

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