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Louras 'of the Hundred Faces'

Shadowdance and Louras

Class: thief   Kit: spy   Level: 15th    Race: human   Alignment: Chaotic Good
Strength: 13Dexterity: 18Constitution: 11
 Stamina: 14 Aim: 18 Health: 11
 Muscle: 12 Balance: 18 Fitness: 11
Intelligence: 16Wisdom: 12Charisma: 16
 Reason: 16 Intuition: 14 Leadership: 18
 Knowledge: 16 Willpower: 10 Appearance: 14
Armour Class: -2      Hit Points: 48

Thief abilitiesPick Pockets: 65 (+5 for no armour)
Open Locks: 95
Find Traps: 95
Move silently: 95 (+10 for no armour)Hide in Shadows: 95 (+5 for no armour)
Detect Noise: 65
Climb Walls: 95 (+10 for no armour)
Read Languages: 60

Backstab (x5 damage, +4 to hit) when attacking from surprise
Scroll use (can use wizard scrolls with a base 25% chance of failure)

Kit abilities: +2 to reactions

Traits: Impersonation, Glibness

Languages: common, elven, dwarven

Nonweapon Proficiencies:
Modern languages (12), Disguise (17), Observation (15), Info. Gathering (15), Ettiquette (12), Voice Mimicry (17), Forgery (10), Reading/writing (13) (Common, elven,dwarven). Featherfoot (based on move silently, from DM's Option: High Level Campaigning, this proficiency allows Louras to move quietly over surfaces without sinking or leaving footprints, with a successful Move Silently roll)

Weapon Proficiencies
Daggers & knives group, shortsword (expert), shortbow, sap, dagger(expert),two weapon style

Equipment: (carried when adventuring as Louras)
sashling, backpack, small sack, hooded lantern, 3 flasks of oil, 50' silk rope, 2 wineskins, 21 days rations, ink, footpas shoes, darksuit, 5 bundles of charcoal, 2 scroll cases, thieves picks, 50 caltrops, flint & steel, false scabbard (longsword), belt sheath (shortsword), 2 wrist sheaths (dagger), quiver, 12 arrows, Disguise gear

shortsword +2, 2 daggers + 1, Shadowdirk (a dagger with a non corporeal blade, ignores armour, strikes as Chill Touch), sap, folding shortbow, garrote

Magic items:
Shortsword +2, 2 daggers +1, Shadowdirk, bracers AC 4, ring of free action, cloak of protection +2, gauntlets of ogre power, potion of treasure finding, potion of frost resistance, 4 jars keoughtum's ointment, ring with psionic empowerment (INT 14 Psychometabolic: Sciences: accelerate, complete healing Devotions: alter appearance, body weaponry, cell adjustment, chameleon power), pouch of accessibility

Hgt: 5' 7" Wgt: 160 lbs. Hair: none Eyes: no irises (these are magical alterations, the hair will not grow back and the eye colour will not return) Age 24
Notes: average build, pale skin, completely hairless

Carried: on person
CP: 11
SP: 22
GP: 2
PP: 40

Carried in packs on horse or in wagon
SP: 100
GP: 150
PP: 200

At Home
SP: 1000
EP: 200
GP: 1000
PP: 2000
Special: 481 500 gp trade bars

12 riding horses, 3 wagons, 2 galleons, 1 caravel, 300 000 gp in properties in several cities, comprising several cityblocks in the city of Thamilan (in which his spies guild has several safe houses, the main business is the Inn of the Weary Watcher, run by Louras' minions), and a few homes/businesses in each major city or townin the kingdom of Cadwy, as well as a country property that incudes a modest manor house.

Louras' History

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