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So you are thinking about linking to my site eh?
I am flattered, but there are certain protocols that must be observed. The most important of these is to contact me with your sites name and URL so that i can return the favour. I am a big believer in being fair so if you link to me, I shall link to you. Maybe we can get each other some more traffic.

Of lesser importance is how you link to me. I have made up a few graphics that you can use to link to me, you may or may not use them as you wish. I would prefer however that you link to my opening page and not some page deeper into my site. If you don't know how then I shall give you a little help. If you wish a text link cut and paste the following into your webpage:

<! start Louras text link>
<A HREF=""> Louras' Roleplaying and Fantasy Pages</A>
<! end Louras text link>

This html code will give you:

Louras' Roleplaying and Fantasy Pages

If you would prefer a graphic link you have two options:
(Please download the graphic you wish to use and upload it to your site, retrieving it from my site simply causes the image to load slower)


<! start Louras image link 1>
<A HREF=""> <img src="RPGlink.gif" border=0></A>
<! end Louras image link 1>

Using this first option would give you:


<! start Louras image link 2>
<A HREF=""> <img src="rpgpage2.gif" border=0></A>
<! end Louras image link 2>

This second option would give you:

Now isn't that easy? If you have any trouble please contact me. I hopefully will be able to help you.