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Liemen Cerrmor

Class: mage      Kit: diplomat      Level: 6th     Race: Anuirean human     Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: 10Dexterity: 16 Constitution: 12Intelligence: 17
 Stamina: 10 Aim: 16  Health: 12 Reason: 16
 Muscle: 10 Balance: 16  Fitness: 12 Knowledge: 18
Wisdom: 17Charisma: 17
 Intuition: 18 Leadership: 17
 Willpower: 16 Appearance: 17

Armour Class: 1    Hit Points: 24

Mage Abilities

Cannot cast Enchantment/Charm (Anuireans consider it black magic and he is so repulsed by the thought that he never learned)
Memorization by Normal rules
 (1st: 4, 2nd: 2, 3rd: 2)
Spells and Magic
 (Max level of spells: 3rd, Max. Spells/Level: 4, Spell points: 55)
Bloodline: Vorynn Minor 28
Blood abilities:
Resistance to evocation (Major) 1/2 damage from evocation magic
Detect Life (minor) can detect life within 1700 yards (approx a mile) -knows specifics about plant life (how many oaks and where they are etc.) and general only about animals (there is a large mass of life over thataway, about 12 HD, could be two trolls or it could be a small wolf pack, he has no idea)
Kit abilities: +2 to reactions

Traits: Empathy, Glibness

Languages: Anuirean, Andu(old common), Basarji, Sidhelien(elven)

Nonweapon Proficiencies:

Modern languages (17), Ettiquette (14), Reading/writing (16) (Anuirean, Andu, Basarji, Sidhelien), Diplomacy (17), Arcanology (10), Heraldry (15), Leadership (11), Administration (15), Research (16), Dancing (10)
Weapon Proficiencies
Staff, dagger
Equipment: (carried when adventuring)
4 Travelling spellbooks, backpack, hooded lantern, 3 flasks of oil, 50' silk rope, 2 wineskins, 7 days rations, 2 scroll cases
staff, dagger +3
Magic items:
dagger +3, Bracers AC 6, ring of protection +3, Wand of whips(less than 10 charges left, he has no idea how many exactly)
Hgt: 5' 8"  Wgt: 160 lbs.  Hair: brown  Eyes: hazel   Age: 33
Notes: slender build, a graceful man that is prone to wearing courtly finery in white, blue and/or grey when among his friends in the court, however at times when diplomats visit the kingdom he dons a costume of voluminous blue-grey robes and plays the part of the mysterious Mist Mage, wrapping himself in magical mists that blur his features
Carried: on person
CP: 7
SP: 12
GP: 32
PP: 28
Carried in packs on horse or in carriage
GP: 500
At Home
GP: 5500
Special: he possesses a further 16 gold bars from his regency (each worth 2000gp)

10 riding horses, 2 carriages(1 semi-plain, 1 ornate), townhouse in Aerele, modest country manor in Celiene.
He has the following holdings: (in our world Ciliene is ancient forest so that province is 4/5, the domains ruler tinkered at the beginning of the campaign with the domain, and formed a kingdom (Danthiir) from the lower three provinces of Diemed, Aerele, Blaene, and Ciliene. (I am not the ruler))
Holdings in Danthiir  Level	Law	Guild	Temple	Source
 Aerele 		6	 -	  0	  -	  0
 Blaene			2	 -	  1	  -	  0
 Ciliene		4	 -	  1	  -	  5

Holdings in Diemed    Level 	Law	Guild	Temple	Source
 Duane			3	 -	  1	  -	  2
 Teir			2	 -	  1	  -	  3
 Moere			5	 -	  1	  -	  0

He also has his source in Ciliene Fortified(5) and a ley line running from Ciliene to Aerele

As you can see he is not a powerful regent, but he makes up for that lack by being friendly with both the crown of Danthiir and of Diemed.

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