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Liemen Cerrmor's Spells
The Mistmage

1st Level
2nd Level
3rd Level

1st Level Spells

Liemen's Dampness

Range:               10 feet
Components:      V, S
Duration:             Permanent
Casting Time:      1 round
Area of Effect:      50 Square feet per level
Saving Throw:      none

     This spell covers the affected surface with a light blue-white mist about 1/2 foot thick, not enough to obscure the surface. This mist does not have any harmful effect on the surface, even if that surface would normally be prone to problems in damp conditions (example wood or paper). The surface to be covered need not be flat or even a single object. The only effect of this mist is to give objects, and people, within or covered by the mist a bonus of 2 on saving throws (items saves included) versus fire. Otherwise the spell merely provides a visual effect.
      Liemen created this spell so that he could have the proverbial mist shrouded halls in hs apartments. Another favourite use is when he wishes to appear mysterious and feed rumours about his supposed power, in which case he casts it on items like his robes so that he seems to be constantly shrouded in flowing mist. As a diplomat and court wizard.. image is everything.

Liemen's Fogbolt

Range:               40 yards plus 10 yards per level
Components:      V, S
Duration:             1 round per level
Casting Time:      1
Area of Effect:      one creature
Saving Throw:      special

     When cast, this spell generates a blue-white bolt of mist that streaks toward it's intended target like a Magic Missile. It inflicts 1d3 points of impact damage and, if the target fails a saving throw versus spells (with dexterity adjustments if any), surrounds the victim in a cloud of glowing blue-white mist. This mist is tangible, similar to Solid Fog, and hampers the victim movements.  The effects of this are a 2 point penalty to attack rolls, armour class, damage, saving throws involving dodging, and to movement rate for a duration of 1 round per level, until the mist evaporates.

Liemen's Moonmist
     (alteration, evocation)

Range:                0
Components:      V, S
Duration:             1 turn per level
Casting Time:      1
Area of Effect:      10'radius, 2' high
Saving Throw:      none

     This spell creates a cloud of misty vapor centered on the caster. The cloud of vapor is only 2' high but glows with a soft blue-white light that provides illumination.
     Within the cloud and 10 feet around it, the illumination provided is equivalent to twilight (enough to read by). Within 30 feet of the cloud the illumination is equivalent to moonlight (-1 to attack rolls, -1 to saves involving dodging or evasion). Within 70 feet of the cloud the illumination is equivalent to starlight (-3 to attack rolls, -3 to saves involving dodging or evasion, sight related damage bonuses (example backstab) are halved). Further away than 70 feet and no illumination is provided.
      Note the caster and those within the area of cloud would then have the following visibility ranges due to the nature of the illumination.

  Size of
Object Viewed    Movement    Spotted     Type     Identify     Detail
    S             60 feet    40 feet    30 feet    20 feet     20 feet
    M            300 feet   150 feet    40 feet    30 feet     20 feet
    L+           300 feet   120 feet    60 feet    30 feet     20 feet
     The spell may be cancelled at the will of the caster. In this case the mist spreads outward to cover a 10 foot per level radius with illumination to suit for one round before evaporating into twinkling motes of light and fading.

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2nd Level Spells

Liemen's Cloudfall

Range:             touch
Components:     V, S
Duration:          Special
Casting Time:    2
Area of Effect:   1 creature
Saving Throw:    none

     This protective spell delays taking effect indefinately until the creature affected next falls greater than 10 feet. When this occurs a cloud forms beneath the creature's body and slows their descent to a rate of 120 feet per round. The cloud lasts for one round per caster level or until the person ceases falling (unfortunate if one lands on a ledge then falls again). The problem with this spell is that wind can affect the recipient, pushing the cloud along in whatever direction and speed the wind happens to be going.

Liemen's Conveying Cloud

Range:             20 yards
Components:     V, S
Duration:          1 hour per level
Casting Time:    2
Area of Effect:   special
Saving Throw:    none

     This spell creates a 5' diameter by 1' thick cloud with a fairly flat upper surface. The cloud feels like mist but supports things resting on it (up to 100 pounds per caster level). The cloud floats at approximately the caster's waist level, even if his flying or falling. In all other respects the spell works as Tenser's Floating Disc.

Liemen's Dreamcloud

Range:             30 feet
Components:     V, S
Duration:          1 round
Casting Time:     2
Area of Effect:     1 creature
Saving Throw:     special

     This spell creates a cloud of glowing blue-white mist around the target. The victim, and those within 1 foot of them, must save versus poison or fall asleep for 10 rounds. If they succeed at that saving throw they must save versus poison again or be slowed for one round as they shake off the effects of the cloud.
     After one round the mist evaporates into twinkling motes of blue-white light.
     This spell cannot be cast underwater and has no effect on those creatures that do not need to breathe.

Liemen's Fog Missile Volley

Range:             40 yards plus 10 yards per level
Components:     V, S
Duration:          1 round per level
Casting Time:     2
Area of Effect:    one or more creatures within 20 feet of each other
Saving Throw:     special

     This spell generates multiple fog missles, as per the first level spell Liemen's Fog Missile. The spell generates one missile plus one missile per every three levels of the caster, maximum five missiles. (example 2 at 3rd level, 3 at 6th) These missiles can all be fired at one target or any combination of targets as long as all creatures targetted are within 20 feet of each other. If multiple missiles hit a single target that creature takes damage from each missile and must make a saving throw for each missile. If the subject fails any of the saving throws he suffers he standard effects, these effects are not cumulative.

Liemen's Fogform

Range:               0
Components:      V, S
Duration:            1 round per level
Casting Time:      2
Area of Effect:      the caster
Saving Throw:      none

     This spell causes the caster's body to be surrounded by swirling tendrils of glowing blue-white mist. This mist partially obscures the caster and actually causes him to become less substantial, less solid. This causes physical attacks against him to have less effect, imposing a -2 to attack rolls and reducing damage by 2 per die (minimum of 1).

Liemen's Liftcloud

Range:              10 yards per level
Components:      V, S
Duration:           1 turn per level
Casting Time:     2
Area of Effect:     special
Saving Throw:      negates

     When this spell is cast the wizard can choose to affect himself, another creature, or an object within range, subject to the weight limitation of 100 pounds per level. A misty glowing blue-white cloud forms beneath the target, allowing the caster to cause the target to move vertically at a rate of up to 20 feet per round, subject to the caster's mental control.
     No horizontal movement is empowered by this spell, but the subject can push off walls and ceilings, etc. In addition the target is subject to the forces of the wind, and is at it's mercy as to direction and speed.
      The caster can choose to allow the target (even himself) to fall, and, if he so chooses, stop the targets fall before it impacts. Once the spell is cast it requires no concentration except when changing height. Unlike the Levitate spell, this spell does provide a stable missile platform.
     The caster can cancel this spell at will.

Liemen's Murky Mist

Range:              30 feet
Components:      V, S
Duration:           1 round per level
Casting Time:     2
Area of Effect:    one 20' cube per level
Saving Throw:     none

     This spell creates a large stationary bank of blue-white fog. To the caster and up to one person per level that the caster chooses, the fog appears as nothing more than a light mist, and does not hamper vision in any way. To others this fog is extremely dense and obscures all vision beyond 2 feet. (see the Dungeon Masters Guide 2nd edition for details on how dense fog affects combat abilities). A strong breeze will disperse this fog in one round, while a moderate breeze will half it's duration.
The spell cannot be cast underwater.

Liemen's Orb of Fog
     (alteration, evocation)

Range:              touch
Components:      V, S, M
Duration:          special
Casting Time:     2
Area of Effect:     one glass globe
Saving Throw:      none

     This spell requires a blown glass globe of the finest quality as it's material component. The spell fills the globe with a glowing blue-white mist that can later be released by shattering the globe.
     When the globe is shattered the fog quickly expands to fill a maximum volume of 2000 cubic feet per each inch diameter of the globe. The fog obscures all sight beyond 2 feet.
      The fog persists for 1 round per level of the caster, half that in a moderate wind. A stronger wind will disperse the fog in one round.
      The glass globe can be any size, and holds up to 2000 cubic feet per inch in diameter. However the caster can only fill the globe with 2000 cubic feet per level.
     Costs of the globes vary, but the fairly standard 8 inch globe usually costs around 30 gp. A good system is each inch of reduction decreases the cost by 3 gp, and each inch larger adds 5 gp to the cost.

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3rd Level Spells

Liemen's Fantastic Cloud

Range:               0
Components:       V, S
Duration:           1 turn per level
Casting Time:       3
Area of Effect:      5' diameter cloud, 1' thick
Saving Throw:       none

     This spell creates a faintly glowing blue-white cloud beneath the caster. The cloud seems insubstantial but is actually dense enough to support weight.
     The cloud is a magical force under the the caster's mental control. The cloud cannot be affected by weapons or spells but can be dispelled      If the caster loses contact with the cloud it fades. If the caster is slain or rendered unconscious the cloud continues to perform the last order it recieved.
     The cloud has a movement rate of 12 and a maneuverability class of A. The cloud climbs at a rate of 6 and dives at a rate of 24. The cloud is somewhat affected by winds and either gains or loses one to it's movement rate for each 5 mph of wind speed.
     The cloud can carry up to 100 pounds per level of the caster. If overloaded the additional weight falls through. The caster can engage in other actions but the cloud will continue to obey the last order it was given.

Liemen's Lethargic Fog
      (alteration, evocation)

Range:             30 yards
Components:      V, S
Duration:        1 round
Casting Time:      3
Area of Effect:      20' radius
Saving Throw:       negates

     This spell creates a cloud of glowing, blue-white mist in a 20' radius area. All creatures caught within the confines of this cloud must save versus spell or be slowed (as per the Slow spell) for one round per level of the caster. If the saving throw is successful the creature is unaffected.
     This spell cannot be cast underwater and has no affect on those who do not need to breathe.
     After one round the cloud dissipates into twinkling motes of blue-white lights.

Liemen's Mist Globe
      (alteration, enchantment)

Range:             touch
Components:      V, S, M
Duration:         1 round
Casting Time:      3
Area of Effect:     1 glass globe
Saving Throw:       none

     This spell allows the caster to enchant a blown glass globe to contain a fog, mist, smoke, or gas based spell until such time as the globe is shattered. The spell to be cast into the globe must be cast immediately after the casting of Mist Globe or the spell fails.
     When the globe is shattered the spell contained is released, though there are some alterations. The area of effect of the spell released is always spherical or hemispherical where possible, even of the spell normally does not have a spherical area of effect. If unable to assume the form of a sphere it will assume the nearest possible dimensions to that. An example of a spell that would have the shape of it's area of effect drastically altered would be Wall of Fog. Spells that move, such as Cloudkill, or Fog Cloud move in a random direction, instead of away from the caster or in a direction controlled by the caster.
     The globe must be 1 inch in diameter for every 4000 cubic feet of gas, cloud, or smoke to be contained. If not the spell will affect an area that is reduced according to how much smaller the globe is.
     A partial list of spells which can be contained are Wall of Fog, Fog Cloud, Liemen's Murky Mist, Stinking Cloud, Liemen's Lethargic Fog, Solid Fog, Cloudkill, Death Smoke, Death Fog, Obold's Brightness, and Incendiary Cloud.
      For details on the costs of glass globes see the description of Liemen's Orb of Fog.

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