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Sir Kienan, Knight-Protector of Furyondy

Kienan looks like anything but the powerful mage that he is. In fact he appears to be nothing more than the swarthy skinned sailor he is at heart. Kienan began his career of adventure as just that.. a sailor. The young cabin boy was taken under the wing of the ship's navigator, an aging wizard that saw in Kienan a talent for magic as yet untutored.

So it was that by the time the ship reached the port of the City of Greyhawk from the southern oceans that Kienan had mastered his first handful of spells. He disembarked from the vessel and set out to make his own path in the world, mainly because, overwhelmed by the wonders of the city, he missed the ship setting sail again.

Kienan made his way from that point on using his talents to get him work on ships, suplementing his income in each port of call with various roguish acts, ranging from games of dice and cards (in which he has become quite proficient at cheating), to thievery, in which he quite often was accompanied by other crew members.

This roguish lifestyle carried him through several years, and many adventures of one sort or another, before he found himself in control of a ship. The captain/owner died in a pirate attack, and he as first mate was then made captain by vote of the crew. They made a name for themselves as fierce privateers and as an escort ship for larger merchant vessels. It was in just such a task that brought him to port in Furyondy when the wars began.

Kienan found his ship and himself pressed into service by the navy of Furyondy, they paid handsomely, but the threat was there that all ships would serve, willing or not. Kienan decided to make the best of the situation and seeing the evils at work decided that Furyondy was one of the few bastions of good left. He sereved willingly, and fiercely, his ship and crew winning their way through many battles to bring supplies and reinforcements to the coast of the Shield Lands.

In one such mission Kienan's ship was blasted from the water by magic, and he alone escaped by his magic. He came ashore in the Shield lands and began the long walk back to Furyondy along the coast, through enemy territory.

When he finally reached Furyondy, he crossed the border at the head of a battered column of refugees, and military units that would have never have made it were it not for his magic. Impressed by his bravery and loyalty, in choosing to return to a nation that he owed nothing to, he was knighted and granted holdings along the coast of Furyondy.
Now that the wars have passed, and he finds himself sitting idle looking over a few sleepy fishing villages, he again looks to the sea. He longs to see what lies over the horizon. He finds he is ill suited to the life of a noble. He has commisioned a new ship to be built, and as soon as he sees it properly outfitted and crewed, he will set sail for parts unknown and plans never to look back, his lands opassing back to the crown or some other lordling, he cares not.

Class: Mage   Race: Human   Level: 12   Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength:12 Dexterity:16 Constitution:9
Intelligence:16 Wisdom:7 Charisma:15

Armour Class: 1      Hit Points: 27

Mage Abilities:
1st: 4 (+4), 2nd: 4 (+4), 3rd: 4, 4th: 4, 5th: 4, 6th: 1
Traits/Disadvantages: Alertness, Precise Memory, Powerful enemy

Languages: common, elven, keolandish, merman

Nonweapon Proficiencies
Reading/Writing(common, elven, keolandish) (Int/+3), Swimming (Str), Gaming (Chr), Navigation (Int/-2), Appraising (Int), Seamanship (Dex/+1)

Weapon proficiencies
dagger, dart, staff

Age: 23      Height: 5'4"    Weight: 152 lbs.   Hair: black    Eyes: blue

6 daggers, 9 darts

backpack, 5 spellbooks, 6 daggers, 2 belt sheaths, 2 wrist sheaths, 2 boot sheaths, 9 darts, large belt pouch, 3 scroll cases, flint & steel, 3 torches, 50' silk rope, 14 days rations 3 wineskins, gambling gear (2 decks of cards (1 is marked), 3 sets of dice (1 weighted for high rolls, 1 weighted for low rolls))

Magic Items
Cloak of the manta ray, Bracers AC 5, Ring of protection +2, Ring of wizardry (doubles 1st + 2nd level spell memorization), Wand of magic missiles (72 charges), Boots of water walking (function as per ring), ring of spell storing (improved phantasmal force, invisibility 10' radius, improved invisibility)(this ring is not normally worn until needed)

cp: 23
sp: 12
ep: 15
gp: 7825
pp: 560
Kienan's Spellbook

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