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Elryn Tharr

Class: druid   Race: human   Kit: Avenger   Level: 10   Alignment: True Neutral

Height: 6'4"   Weight: 212 lbs.   Hair: red   Eyes: blue
Notes: a huge weatherworn man clad in leathers, he has ruggedly handsome features.
Strength: 15 Dexterity: 13 Constitution: 11
 Stamina: 14  Aim: 13  Health: 11
 Muscle: 16  Balance: 13  Fitness: 11
Intelligence: 14 Wisdom: 17 Charisma: 16
 Reason: 14  Intuition: 17  Leadership: 16
 Knowledge: 14  Willpower: 17  Appearance: 16

Armour Class: 1      Hit Points: 50

Class Abilities: (this character was made using Player's Option: Skills and powers, and Player's option: Spells and Magic, and hence is a bit more complex than the standard druid)
- +2 to saving throws vs. all elemental effects
- Pass through overgrown areas without trace at full movement rate
- Cast elemental spells as if he were oe level higher
- Identify plants, animals, and pure water with 100% accuracy (able to determine also if they are natural to the region)
-Communicate with woodland creatures (+1 language per level beyond 3rd, provided that the beings that speak that language are native to woodlands)
-druidic language
-Shapechange (3 times per day, once each into a bird, mammal and reptile, ranging in size from a small bird up to the size of a black bear (slightly larger than man sized)
  Major Spheres of access: all, animal, elemental, healing, plant, sun, time, weather
  Minor Spheres of access: none
Spells and Magic rules - Spell Points: 190,
  Max. spells/level: 7, Max spell level: 5th
Standard Rules - 1st: 6, 2nd: 6, 3rd: 4, 4th: 3, 5th: 2
Kit abilities:: bonus weapon proficiency
Kit Hindrances: -1 reactions

Traits/Disadvantages: Bad tempered

Languages: centaur, common, dragon, dryad, elven, gnome, lizardman, satyr, sprite, sylph, treant

Nonweapon Proficiencies
Animal Lore (11), Tracking (13), Healing (17), Herbalism (17),
Hunting (11), Reading/Writing(common, elven) (11), Religion (11),
Sage Knowledge(toxins) (11), Survival(plains, woodland) (11),
Toxicology (10)

Weapon proficiencies
Spear (weapon of choice/expertise), sling, staff

Staff-spear +2, sling, 10 sling bullets, silver sickle

backpack, large belt pouch, large sack, flint & steel, tinderbox, 11 days rations, healing kit, 50' silk rope, 4 torches, 3 waterskins, vials of sleep toxin (insinuative, +2 to the save, onset 1d4 rounds, sleep for 1d4 turns if failed, each extra dose has no effect but to drop the save by one (ie. if 4 darts hit the save is -1 rather than +2)), 50 wooden needles coated with the sleep toxin (these are the only things stored in the belt pouch, they are for use with the 4th level spell Thorn Spray (see Faiths and Avatars), 2 doses of ghostroot herb (see Complete Druids handbook)

Magic Items
Staff-spear +2 (can change forms from staff to spear), bracers AC 4, belt of protection +2 (acts as a cloak of protection), ring of protection +1, horn of fog, ring of holiness (1 extra spell of 1st to 3rd level memorized each day)

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