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Elryn Tharr's Grove

Elryn's grove is a Major Grove. Magically protected by Vanda herself, as a place sacred to Nature.

The grove stands deep in the Imshee forest, well away from all other human habitation. There are no trails or rads leading to it, if one wises to find it they must either fly, use magical transportation, or walk for miles upon miles along small game trails through the depths of the forest.
A ring of oaks surrounds the central clearing of the grove.. each so old that it would take 4 or more men to circle their trunks with arms extended. At the center of this clearing stands a huge oak, that seems to radiate life and well being.

The Grove exhibits the following powers:

-Priests and druids that venerate nature may call down lightning from the heavens during turbulent weather, to strike in the grove, once per ten minutes.
-All charms and mind controls of any sort are broken, nor can they be successfully cast, on creatures in the grove.
-Spells that dig into the earth do not function.
-All creatures in the grove are rendered immune to magical fear.
-Magical fire of any sort will not burn in a grove, although normal fire will.
-Water or dw gathered in the grove can be used as an antidote to poison.
-Those who rest with in the grove are healed of all their wounds after a full nights rest.
-Lycanthropes (werewolves etc.) that enter the grove revert to their humanoid shapes.
-The grove will defend itself from harm by summoning all animals within several miles to defend it if it is endangered
-Also to defend itself it will cast life energy at attackers thet will push them away from the grove until they stand once more outside it.

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