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Elryn Tharr's History

      Elryn originally came from the world Abeir-Toril (Forgotten Realms if you have never played it) from the war torn Vilhon Reach. He had started out as a young druid of the god Silvanus when his mentors grove and the forest surrounding it became part of a battlefield.. so it was that those wilds were forever changed and destroyed by fire, sword and spell, his mentor lay dead
      Elryn was enraged and without a place to protect he chose to protect all of Nature, from volcanoes to peaceful groves to desert wastelands He no longer was content to wait for despoilers to come.. he instead journeyed far and wide.. seeking out those who despoiled the wildlands and dealing with them with ruthless efficiency, often turning that which they despoiled against them.
      Eventually he became a memeber of the Emerald Enclave, a group of beings.. mostly druids. that worshiped various nature deities, who sought to protect nature much the same way he did, in the war torn city states of the Vilhon reach the druids had become aggressive to match those that they needed to deal with, whereas most druids in more peaceful areas could afford to wait patiently.. in the Vilhon to wait for despoilers to come was to wait for your doom.. to win you hsd to take the fight to them. Because they dealt so frequently with mages the gods gave them powers to deal with mages properly.. two spells in particular Faithmagic zone and Retarget
      He adventured among the Emerald Enclave for quite some time before one day he and his party were swallowed up by a thick fog. They found themselves ina new world that was rife with danger.. Ravenloft. In the short weeks that followed as they journeyed amnong these realms all but Elryn were slain by foul werewolves or vampires.. or simply vanished into the mists. Eventually he joined another group of adventurers that after a few years won their way free of Ravenloft.
      Unfortuneately they didn't return to their own worlds but rather all of them arrived on the world of Akrhan.. and they made it their home.
      Howvere one thing was wrong.. Silvanus was not worshipped on this world and as such Elryn had no powers except his own physical prowess and the magic of his few items. He sought out the druids of this world for aid.. to see what they could tell him.
      Eventually he found one.. an ancient heirophant.. tho a still young looking woman she had lived for centuries. She used magic to show him that which he had never dreamed of the sheer size and beauty of Nature.. even his former god Silvanus was puny in comparison.. Silvanus was a mere deity that sought to control Nature.. when really Nature was so much more than any one god. She taught Elryn to worship Nature.. the greater lifeforce of the universe, that which resides in all things, even gods. He mastered the terror that the sheer insignifigance of his life gave him and then it was revealed to him.. that a single life may be insignifigant but that it could also be a turning point for the future.. one man could make a difference in all this... so it was that what was revealed did not drive him insane. He became a druid once more.. but not like he was.. no longer content to follow the directions of any single being, even a god, he was an agent for Nature and Nature alone. Again he ventured into the world, and found out why it was druids were so rare on this world.. many were driven insane when they saw nature in it's entirety. but at the same time hese druids were so much more.. they knew how best to use their powers, making up for numbers with skill.
      Still, because of their low numbers there were many places in the world that needed Elryn's skills. Nature revealed to him that he should be one of its weapons, he was not suited to being a guardian, a shield.. he was a spear, meant to harm those that would harm Nature. and so it was that he travelled the world avenging wrongs done Nature as he had among the Emerald Enclave. Eventually, after many years, and finding that Nature kept him young so that he could continue his work nature revealed to him that it was time to go to another world, another place that needed a warrior to protect Nature.. he journeyd far to find the gate that was revealed to him..
      So it was that he came to Vanda. For those of you who play Scrolls of Vanda.. hope to see you there.

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