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Davron Halrinar

Davron is a gallant elven swashbuckler, originally from the elven settlement of the Talltrees, in the Elven Court. He now resides in the city of Suzail, capitol of Cormyr.

When the elves began their Retreat, young Davron decided to stay behind, there was much of the world he wished to see before he followed his brethren across the sea. At the beginning of his adventuring career, he first dwelt in Battledale, where he saw in the passing Sembian merchant caravans all the exotic things that cities might have to offer. He soon joined a caravan headed east into Sembia. It was during his adventures in Sembia, that he found he enjoyed the company of humans, their vibrant lives.. so hurried, caught him up. Many of his adventures turned into minor fiascos when he also discovered that certain humans, especially young women, took a liking to him that at times was not only awkward, but dangerous.

Subsequently, his travels took him out of Sembia and into Cormyr. After a short stint of adventure in and around the city of Arabel, he was hired on retainer by the Cormaeril noble family, as a household guard, moving to their household in Immersea.

His work as a household guard took an odd turn, when young Darendal Cormaeril, emboldened by the elf's tales of daring-do (which granted were somewhat exaggerated), decided to set out for a life of adventure on his own. The elder's in the family charged Davron to go with (or rather chase after) the youthful (and brash) cavalier, promising great rewards if Darendal returned home safe (and a lingering death if he didn't)

So it was that Davron, set racing off after Darendal, and was followed himself by two others. Rorik, a young burglar, formerly a cook in the Cormaeril household who had found Immersea suddenly becoming too small, and Larissa, a smitten priestess of Lathander.

It did not take long before Darendal landed in trouble so deep that Davron was in way over his head, and the two that had followed came to their rescue.

Their subsequent adventures have firmly cemented their alliance as an chartered Cormyrian adventuring group, thanks to a generous donation of much needed funds to purchase the charter by the Cormaeril family.

Class: Fighter    Race: Gold Elf    Level: 5    Kit: swashbuckler      Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength:16 Dexterity:17 Constitution:10
Intelligence:13 Wisdom:9 Charisma:15

Armour Class: 3       Hit Points: 38

Fighter Abilities:
Kit Abilities (and disadvantages)
Bonus proficiencies: Ettiquette, Tumbling, Rapier specialization
can take rogue proficiencies at no extra cost
a -2 bonus to Armor Class when wearing leather armor or lighter
+2 reaction bonus to the opposite sex Disadvantage: roleplaying related: ill luck, romantic entanglements, and challenges by aspiring swordsmen

Languages: common, elven, golden elven

Nonweapon Proficiencies
Etiquette (chr/0)tumbling (dex/0)
Riding (Horse) (wis/+3)reading/writing (elven, common) (int/+2)
swimming (str/0) 

Weapon proficiencies
fencing swords group, Rapier Specialization, ambidexterity, longbow, longsword, dagger Appearance
Age: 123      Height: 5'3"     Weight: 109 lbs.    Hair: blonde    Eyes: golden      Notes: wears well tailored leather and blue silk doublet, a full length blue cape, and pantaloons

rapier, main-gauche (used in off hand), longbow, 20 flight arrows, 10 sheaf arrows

backpack, rapier hanger, rapier sheath, main-gauche sheath, quiver, large belt pouch, flint & steel, 5 torches, 50' silk rope, 12 days rations, 2 wineskins,

Magic Items
cloak of protection +2

cp: 17
sp: 3
gp: 33

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