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Maesene Cerrmor (Di Aendyr)

Class: Priest of Ruornil (magician) Kit: diplomat 
Level: 7th (3rd)	Race: Anuirean human 	
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength:11	Dexterity:13	Constitution:14 Intelligence:15
 Stamina:12 	 Aim:     11     Health:     13  Reason:     15
 Muscle: 10      Balance: 15     Fitness:    15  Knowledge:  15

Wisdom:     18 	Charisma:    16
 Intuition: 18	 Leadership: 15
 Willpower: 18   Appearance: 17

Armour Class: 4		Hit Points: 55

Priest Abilities
 Priest spells
   Major: All, Charm, Divination, Healing, Necromancy,
    	Plant. Sun
   Minor: Combat, Protection
  Memorization by standard rules
   (1st: 5, 2nd: 5, 3rd: 3, 4th: 2)
  Spells and Magic 
   (Max level of spells: 3th, Max. Spells/Level: 6, Spell points: 115)
 Magician abilities equal to 1/2 her level
  Magician spells (cannot cast spells higher than 2nd level from 
    any schools other than Illusion and Divination)
  Memorization by standard rules 
   (1st: 2 + 1 Illusion or Divination, 2nd: 1 + 1 Ill/Div)
  Memorization by Spells and Magic
   (Max level: 2nd, Max spells/level: 4, Spell points: 15 + 10 Ill/Div)
Turn undead as standard cleric 
At 9th level -2 to opponents saves when moon is out

Bloodline: Basaia Major 30
 Blood abilities:
  Character Reading(Major)
  Resist Fire/Lightning (Major) 1/2 damage
  Unreadable Thoughts (Minor)

Kit abilities: +2 to reactions

Traits: Allure
Disadvantages: Powerful Enemy

Languages: Anuirean, Andu(old common), High Brecht

Nonweapon Proficiencies:
 Modern languages (12)	Ettiquette (14)
 Reading/writing (16) (Anuirean, Andu, High Brecht)
 Diplomacy (16)		Heraldry (15)
 Leadership (10)	Administration (14)
 Healing (15)		Herbalism (16)
 Persuasion (13)	Dancing (10)

Weapon Proficiencies

Equipment: (carried when adventuring)
 1 Travelling spellbook, backpack, hooded lantern, 
 3 flasks of oil, 50' silk rope, 2 wineskins,  7 days rations,
 2 scroll cases

 Staff of Kittsyral

Magic items:
 Staff of Kittsyral (+3 for purposes of what it can hit, no combat 
 bonuses however. Stores up to 10 spell levels of spells that can 
 later be drawn out with a casting time of 1), Bracers AC 5

 Hgt: 5' 10" 	Wgt: 126 lbs.
 Hair: black	Eyes: blue
 Age: 20
 Notes: tends to dress in clothing that stops just short of causing a
  major scandal (something which causes her older, more sedate husband
  Liemen to fret)

 Carried: on person
 SP: 4
 GP: 33
 PP: 20

 Carried in packs on horse or in carriage
 GP: 500
 PP: 300

 At Home
 GP: 22000
Special: she possesses a further 67 gold bars from his
 regency (each worth 2000gp)

 20 riding horses, 5 carriages(3 semi-plain, 2 ornate), 
 townhouse in Aerele, modest country manor in Celiene, both 
 shared with her husband Liemen. Large fortified temple complex in 
 Aerele (Towers of the Moon) within which she has a large 20000gp 
 holy water font. Temple complex in Moere (House of the Moon).
 Abbey on mountaintop in Blaene (Moonmist Tower). 

She has the following holdings: (in our world Ciliene is ancient forest
so that province is 4/5, the domains ruler tinkered at the beginning of
the campaign with the domain, and formed a kingdom (Danthiir) from the
lower three provinces of Diemed, Aerele, Blaene, and Ciliene.)

Holdings in Danthiir  Level	Law	Guild	Temple	Source
 Aerele 		6	 -	  3	  6	  -
 Blaene			2	 -	  0	  2	  -
 Ciliene		4	 -	  2	  4	  -

Holdings in Diemed    Level 	Law	Guild	Temple	Source
 Duane			3	 -	  -	  3	  -
 Teir			2	 -	  -	  2	  -
 Moere			5	 -	  -	  5	  -

Her temple in Aerele is Fortified (6)
She possesses 3 units of knights stationed in Danthiir and 2 
units of mercenary cavalry stationed in Diemed.

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