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My Beliefs

As you may know by now, I am an eclectic solitary pagan.  When I began this site over 3 years ago I had not been on this path for very long. In truth I still do not feel that is so. I am no great sage or teacher. In fact I doubt I ever will be.

Well I shall start with the facts. Most of my life I have been atheist.. my parents are the sort that only ever went to church for weddings and funerals, so unlike many people religion was not thrust at me. In this I consider myself fortunate, though I might have discovered my path sooner if I had been forced.. as so many seem to because they feel the need to rebel and begin searching for their path all the sooner.

I am not one to claim that I was always a witch, or a pagan.. that it was always in me.. I do not know that.. though the truth is I have always been interested in things mystical... in mythology, in legend and yes in the realm of pure fantasy.

Magic has always held my rapt attention and belief.. and here I am not talking the tricks of stage magicians.. even such skilled and famous ones as David Copperfield.

I am talking about magick, that which we feel when we stand on the peak of a mountain and gaze at the world spread below.. whispering in our blood. That sensation of energy which we feel along side our fear and terror as we gaze at the forces unleashed when the Goddess rages in full fury and anger.  Ever feel that thrumming in your very body as you gaze full into a tornado racing your way through fields of grain... only several hundred yards off.. or as you stare up at the huge glowing thunderclouds that spawned it. To me, these things are magick, as well as 'lesser' things like the warmth of fire and friends.

One thing is more magickal than all else, and that is love. Nothing holds more power.

In the last year I have had that belief shaken to its very core, and had my life turn upside down, only to find love growing in the ashes. A love so deep, so strong that I will never be able to explore it fully in a dozen lifetimes. I shall spend my life trying to be worthy of it.

Magick is a part of our lives, it is who and what we are. I have at last found a path I can follow, where others share my beliefs and feelings. Where it is all laid before me and I can take my life and my being where I will. For good or for ill.

All I need do is follow two simple guidelines.. and my life shall be well lived.


the Wiccan Rede

and Second:

the Rule of Three

As much as anyone may debate, when you consider what these two guidelines mean you will find that they are far more binding and restricting than the guidelines of any other religion I have ever seen.

There are no exceptions. No absolution.

And yet at the same time they are simple to follow, and an easy way to live. Simply consider your actions, and seek the path that will cause no harm, to anyone. Not even you. And not your enemies.

Those who harm you or your loved ones will eventually recieve that which is their due.. justly.

And failing to find a clear path before you.. take that path, which after due consideration you believe will do the least amount of harm to all involved.

This does not mean you cannot defend your loved ones, yourself, or in the case of many pagans I know in the armed forces of several nations, your country. It just means that whatever you do, you must be prepared and willing to accept the consequences of your actions. If you have acted justly, then all will be well.

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