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The Components of Ritual

In any ritual that you do you will likely follow these basic steps, though this is not set in stone.I have often done without several of these steps. However, the fact remains, that in designing your own rituals, that each of these steps should be considered.

Note that though magickal workings often take place within a ritual, a ritual is not necessary for every magickal working. It should be considered however, and at least a few of these steps observed when working magick, energy raising and earthing the power (grounding) at the very least.Many would never even contemplate a spell without casting a circle (creating sacred space).

          The Components of Ritual

Purification of Self

Purification of Space

Create Sacred Space (the Circle)


Ritual Observance (Rituals)

Energy Raising (Spells)

Earthing the Power (Grounding)


Opening the Circle (the Circle)