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Louras' Book of Shadows
Merry Meet
Within these pages is a record the path I have followed, what I have believed, and what I believe now. My path is not the 'right' path for anyone but me, but you may learn from it.

I have drawn my knowledge from the teachings of others, who each obtained their knowledge from others. What I have learned is that I cannot merely take something that another has learned and use it. First I must make the knowledge my own, adapt it to fit what I believe, and to my own skills and preferences. I have learned that it is the search itself which defines the path, we must each make our own way. What has worked for others will not necessarily work for us, but that does not mean we cannot learn from what others know. We can let the knowledge of others guide us, but in the end, if we truly wish to work magick, it must be OUR magick that we work.

So go ahead seek YOUR path, YOUR gods, and work YOUR magick.

Blessed Be

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